One of the most popular roofing options for your home is to have slate tiles. It is considered one of the better quality options that can bring out the best in a home. They make it look better, increase the quality of your home and are guaranteed to last a lifetime – especially in Melbourne’s crazy weather.

But one of the biggest concerns when it comes to tile roofs – including terracotta – is how to keep it at its best. How do you maintain it? How do you manage it? As experts in slate roofing in Melbourne, we have the tips for maintaining roof slate tiles for your home.

  • Constantly checking it to ensure it is of the highest quality.
    This is something that you can do yourself. Whenever you get the chance – and when it’s not dangerous for you – you grab a scaffold or a ladder and safely climb to the edge of your roof and peer across it. The best time of year to get your roof checked is after winter (as there is a lot of water and rain) and after summer (due to the intense heat). If you notice anything out of order, then you know you can talk to a professional to get your problems repaired.

  • Get your guttering done regularly.
    One of the key things that people don’t do on their roofs is to get the guttering cleaned and checked on a regular basis. Letting your gutters overflow with rubbish, muck and debris, puts unnecessary pressure on your slate roof. Yes, slate tiles are sturdy and could probably take the extra weight, but why risk it getting weaker? Check your gutters and get them cleaned on a regular basis.

  • Leaks are a sign there could be problems ahead.
    Noticing leaks coming from your roof or attic? You got problems – and they can get bigger if you don’t get them fixed. Look to call a professional immediately and sort out any problems. The last thing you want is a giant hole in your roof with water running through it during winter.

  • Call professionals for regular check-ups.
    There is no harm in getting a professional set of eyes looking over your roof once in awhile. They have the eyes of a hawk and can see any little, or developing, problem, that you can’t. Annual check-ups, either after winter or summer, are always the best time!

Slate roofs are considered the best of the best of roofing materials. Strong, durable and tough – they are made to withstand years of weather changes, debris and sunlight. They are considered the premium roofing tile on the market. So when it comes to getting your home covered in slate tiles, make sure you keep your eye on them to maintain them, so you get to enjoy them for years to come.

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