Why Slate?

The lifetime of a building begins with the choice of materials and for hundreds of years architects and builders have been inspired by the natural beauty and robustness of slate. Through it’s aesthetic potential and practical qualities slate’s unique character enhances any building.



Slate is exceptionally durable. It is unaffected by normal extremes of temperature and is highly resistant to acids, alkalis and other chemicals.



Slate combines beautifully with traditional and modern materials and provides the designer with a choice of colours and a natural, distinctive texture. A slate roof adds character and quality to any building.


Proven Longevity

Slate has hundreds of years of history and has proven to be the highest quality roofing material in the world.


Cost Effective

The typical additional cost of a slate roof is quickly realised when the minimal difference is offset by the investment in a beautiful, distinctive roofing material that is less costly to maintain and is certain to last significantly longer than cheaper alternatives.

Welsh Slate

Slate Roofing Merchants is Australia’s premier importer and supplier of Welsh Slate. Welsh Slate is the world’s leading manufacturer of the highest quality slate available from it’s quarries in North Wales and these sites have been producing slate for construction since the thirteenth century.

Glendyne Canadian Slate

Slate found at Glendyne’s quarry is dark grey with a tone of blue. Its colour is very homogeneous despite the presence of a light stratification marked by silty beds which, often of very fine nature, do not affect slate schistosity.
Due to the Nordic climate, surface alteration is very low. The deposit was preserved from meteorological alterations typical of temperate and hot climates. The Glendyne quarry is thus proud to produce stones of very high quality. glendyne slate is pre-sorted for easy installation.

Vermont Unfading Green Slate

A premium quality roofing slate in a color that has withstood the test of time. One of the most popular roofing slates, it can be used alone or as one of the blended colors used on multicolored roofs. This versatile slate is often specified in random widths to provide additional accent to its beauty.

North Country Unfading Green slate is produced by a select Vermont quarry and meets or exceeds the requirements of ASTM as an S-1 rated roofing slate.

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Murnane Slate Flooring: Your Perfect Destination To Purchase Welsh Slate Tiles

Murnane Slate Flooring has decades of experience working with a wide range of roofing materials. We only utilise the greatest quality slate in all of our roofing projects, thanks to our partnerships with renowned slate suppliers. Welsh slate tiles is part of Murnane Slate Flooring’s extensive portfolio of elegant and durable roof installations.


What Are The Benefits of Installing Our Welsh Slate Tiles

  • They’re Durable: There aren’t too many materials that can compete with Welsh slate tiles in terms of durability. On a practical level, Welsh slate tiles offer a great deal of weather protection. The stone’s longevity is due to the fact that it is made up of numerous layers of thin sheets, making it dense and hefty. Welsh slate tiles are unrivalled in terms of longevity and strength when compared to other forms of slate.
  • They Are Energy Efficient: Welsh Slate Tiles are extremely energy efficient. During the cooler months, you save money on energy bills because to its insulating capabilities. However, this does not mean that you will melt in the summer; Welsh slate is also efficient at keeping the heat outside and the cooler air inside. Although this may appear to be a broad generalisation, having a solution with strong insular qualities provides clear advantages.
  • They Are Easy To Maintain: To maintain their durability, Welsh slate tiles require very little upkeep. Cleaning, clearing debris, and fixing any damaged tiles on a regular basis can guarantee that your roof lives a long and happy life. Many people fail to maintain their roofs, which can lead to costly repairs. Because it’s easy to forget about your roof, investing in welsh slate might help you avoid costly repairs down the line.
  • They Have Aesthetic Appeal: The aesthetics of Welsh slate are one of the most appealing features. What good is a roof if you can’t bear to look at it? Welsh Slate has a distinctive appearance that is enhanced by its one-of-a-kind earthy texture. Slate roofing Melbourne, when installed on the proper structure, may really stand out.

Buy Welsh Slate Tiles From Us That Are Premium! 

Our Welsh slate tiles feature a riven textured surface and are made from the best slate deposit. A traditional-looking Welsh slate that has long been the industry’s gold standard for quality. Our Welsh slate have a distinctive natural look and are exceptionally durable.

Why Choose Murane Slate Flooring To Buy Welsh Slate Tiles? 

Murnane Slate Roofing is the place to go if you need excellent welsh slate roofing tiles installed. Only the best Welsh Slate Tiles are available from us! Welsh slate is watertight and resistant to regular temperature variations, which is why it often survives for hundreds of years. We have the premium collection of welsh slate new tiles and slate roof installation!

The surface of our welsh slate new tiles are very resistant to acids, alkalis, and other chemicals, making it an excellent roof covering for use anywhere on the planet. We understand that the density of Welsh slate helps to stabilise the interior temperature and produce a 21st century roof solution. With our love for excellent roofing installed or repaired at an affordable price, we are ahead of the curve among slate firms! You won’t be disappointed!


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