A traditional clay plain tile produced at Imerys’ Phalempin factory in northern France. The tile is available in a unique range of mellow natural colours and is designed to add distinction and character to pitched roofing and tile hanging. The tile has a unique anti-capillary channel to ensure enhanced performance even with pitches as low as 30°.
Colour Senoise is not available

A colour for every environment

Phalempin Plain Tile clay tile photo

IMERYS Roof tiles clay tile: Phalempin Plain Tile

Unique colour range

Traditional plain tiles have been manufactured at the Imerys Phalempin site since 1860.
Plain tiles are the most predominant local roof tiles specified in the South East of England.
Phalempin tiles produced in Northern France have a great affinity with the local architecture.

An ideal match

The comprehensive colours available make it easy to find a Phalempin to match the design of your project.
The colours whilst being a unique range of colours will compliment any building requiring a roof covering of distinction. For Slate Tiles Products and Suppliers contact Us!

Clay tiles : the Phalempin Plain Tile tile

Clay tile Phalempin Plain Tile IMERYS Roof tiles photo

An Ideal product for reroofing

As plain tiles have been used on UK roofs for centuries the Phalempin is an ideal tile for both refurbishment and for new build projects.

Technical characteristics

Quantity per pallet 1088
Minimum headlap 70mm
Weight per m2 laid 65,0Kg
Minimum roof pitch 30°
Batten metres/m2 @ max gauge 10
Batten sizes  
Rafter Centres 450mm 25 x 38mm
Rafter Centres 600mm 25 x 38mm
Nail size mm 38/40 x 2.65
Clip N/A
English codes of Practice BS5534: 2003