Slate Tiles Products and Suppliers

For the highest quality slate tiles and products in Australia, reach out to the professionals at Murnane Slate Roofing. Speak to us today on (03) 5339 3569 or on 0408 508 414.

Murnane Slate Roofing are your experts when it comes to supplying you with the slate tiles and products that you want. We are committed to providing you with the tiles and products that will transform your property. That is why people come to us for all their slate requirements and requests.

As a dedicated slate tile supplier, we have a wide selection of slate products in our collection. We have always strived and committed ourselves to ensuring that we can provide our Melbourne clients with the slate tiles they need. We have slate tiles from across Australia, as well as from Canada, the United States and Wales, and only accept the highest quality. That is why we have a range of slate tiles for you, ready to be chosen for your project. Some of our most popular slate tiles include the likes of:

  • Welsh Slate
  • Welsh Heather Blue
  • Vermont Unfading Green Slate
  • Glendyne Canadian Slate
  • Glendyne Black
  • New foundland Purple

As well as housing a collection of high-quality slate tiles and products, we also have terracotta tiles, cast iron gutterings and other valuable accessories in our possession. If you are looking for terracotta tiles, you can choose from the likes of:

  • Acme Single Clay Tiles
  • Imerys Plain Tiles (from Northern France!)

We are also Australia’s only importer and supplier of the high-quality Hargreaves Cast Iron Guttering Products. Made in the United Kingdom, they are perfect for adding a classic heritage feeling to your property. We also have accessories such as slate fixing, slate tools and spruce battens to help you with all your requirements.

Our team of experienced roofers specializes in all aspects of slate roofing, offering top-notch services such as slate roof installation, slate roof contractors, and the use of high-quality Welsh slate tiles. From expert craftsmanship to attention to detail, we ensure your slate roof is installed or restored to perfection, guaranteeing long-lasting beauty and durability for your home.



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