We all know that when it comes to roofing contractors, there is a reputation that some might be shifty. They might say that your roof is fine, but they don’t care: they want money, and they want it now. So how do you tell from the shifty roof contractors to the honest ones? Who is your roof contractor exactly?

Before you jump into bed with anyone and sign up to their roofing services, we have come up with a list of key factors that should highlight to you whether the roofing contractor you are hiring is going to deliver the goods. Take your time and read these valid points below:

Peer Recommendation 

A good place to start is to ask your friends and family about contractors they have been in contact. As close colleagues, they will give you a good insight on a contractor that can do the job for you. Ask them, see what they say and where they can lead you.


Some roofers are licensed and some aren’t. The difference is that a certified roofing contractor that is backed by an insurance and regulations which ensures that the professional is exactly that: professional and supported by an authority figure. Look for these types of contractors on your search.

Years Of Experience 

Obvious, the longer the business has been in operation, the more experience they have. But another factor to consider is that they must have a good reputation and deliver consistent, high-quality results. This shows that they are committed to ensuring that they deliver on the customer’s needs. Anyone in between 5 to 10 years experience is a good sign.

The Skill Level 

This might be hard to see unless you see it firsthand. But a good way to look at the skill level and work of a contractor is to see their past work. Ask them for references if you get to the point of contacting them or check out their website for previous projects. You should get a good idea on what the contractor is capable of.

The Reputation 

What is the reputation of the roofing contractor? Are they are a well-known company or a random you’ve never heard of? Reputation plays a big part in deciding on who to hire. To find out, search the internet and see the reaction of the company. It can provide you with a full scope on how the contractor is perceived by people. Be wary of exaggeration and competitors making lies. However, over a broad range, you’ll be able to tell the differences.

We hope that these points help you with your journey to find the right roof contractor. You can save yourself the time and the hassle by speaking directly to Murnane Slate Roofing. We are the honest and friendly team of professionals that can make the difference for your roofing problems and issues.

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