By now you may know that slate is one of the best roofing materials available today – creating timeless elegance, a properly installed slate roof can last for hundreds of years.  In fact, there are plenty of heritage sites that still have the original slate roofing. Proper care and maintenance can greatly elongate the life of any slate roof. Another fantastic benefit of slate is that it can be sourced from around the world.  There are tons of locations across the globe that source and expert beautiful slate, each with unique qualities.

Read on to learn more about natural roof slates from around the world.


Spain is the world’s largest producer of slate – in fact, over 25% of the slate roofing in the world is sourced from Spanish slate.  The quality can vary, but that also means the price range can vary. If you’re not interested in a big slate roofing investment but still want the same beauty and durability of a slate roof, a lower-end Spanish slate is a great option.

There are also very high-end Spanish slate options that are relatively inexpensive compared to similar slate from other countries.  High-end Spanish slate is often used in heritage sites and large restoration projects because of its beauty and longevity.


If you’re truly looking for an entry-level slate that is cost-effective, Chinese slate is the way to go.  It’s easily acquired and generally at lower prices than slates from other countries, but you do get what you pay for.  Chinese slate has a significantly lower lifespan than other slates and can lose its colour over time. It may also be more brittle than other higher-quality slates.

While all of this may sound negative, a Chinese slate can be a great option for a low-budget project or restoration.  If you’re not concerned about the slate lasting for hundreds of years and are looking for a cost-effective slate solution, Chinese slate may be the right one for you.


One of our top choices for slate is Welsh slate – Welsh slate is widely regarded as the top slate in the world, and comes in a few colour choices.  You’re not going to find a longer lasting, more beautiful slate than genuine Welsh slate. Because it is so popular, it is harder to come by and is slightly more expensive than other slate options, but we promise you it’s worth the price.

When compared to slates from other countries, Welsh slate is simply superior.  The slight increase in price is worth the beauty, elegance, and timelessness of Welsh slate.  We specialise in the highest-quality Welsh slate roofing in the area.


The final country we will visit on our tour of international slate is Canada – similar in quality to Welsh slate, Canadian slate is highly sought after for its superior colouring, longevity, and durability.  Canadian slate often provides a deep blue tone that is simply stunning.

Another more expensive option, we love working with true Canadian slate in renovations and new builds.  Canadian slate is an extremely high-quality slate that is going to provide the beauty and durability that you’re looking for – if you need a slate roof that is going to last a century or longer, Canadian slate is a great option.

Murnane Slate Roofing

For over four decades, Murnane Slate Roofing has been providing superior roofing services at competitive prices.  From new builds to complete restorations, our team of roofing experts can make your slate look new again.

We love the timeless elegance and long-lasting durability that slate provides.  No matter where in the world you get your slate from, a slate roof is always an excellent choice.

Our team of experienced roofers specializes in all aspects of slate roofing, offering top-notch services such as slate roof installation, slate roof repairs in Melbourne, and the use of high-quality Welsh slate new tiles. From expert craftsmanship to attention to detail, we ensure your slate roof is installed or restored to perfection, guaranteeing long-lasting beauty and durability for your home.